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Führungsspiele - Beitrag im Handbuch Coaching, Armin Fichtner, Werner Müller (Hrsg.), Copyright: © 2015 Armin Fichtner, Werner Müller published by: epubli GmbH, Berlin, www.epubli.de ISBN 978-3-7375-0807-0
Interim Management  |  Consulting  |  Coaching & Training
in Life Sciences

My service in a nutshell:
Help enterprises and people to achieve their goals in development.

With this in mind I support life science companies in international business and team development and people to progress their talents at work and their professional career.
Business Development 
As an interim manager and consultant with a background in natural sciences, I support pharmaceutical companies in business development & licensing and biotech / start-up companies in their partnering activities. In addition, I supplement teams of service providers and consultant companies in the life science space, contribute with external know-how, help to bridge vacancies and to implement projects.   weiter button 1

Team & Human Resources Development
As a DVCT-certified business coach, I support employees, management and entrepreneurs to build high performing teams, to implement necessary changes in a timely manner and to resolve conflicts sustainably or not even let them arise.   weiter button 1
I gladly pass on my knowledge in lectures and trainings. Companies, educational institutions and academies benefit from my many years of expert and leadership experience in the life science industry as well as from my ability to inspire other people and to impart knowledge practically and interactively.   weiter button 1 

Career Advice
In the uncertain phase of professional reorientation, I support private clients through career counseling and coaching to regaining more self-esteem, to demonstrating their strengths and talents convincingly and to presenting themselves with attractive application documents to potential employers. Thus, my private clients develop a long-term career perspective and implement the next step.   weiter button 2