Career Coaching

In the uncertain phase of professional reorientation, I support private clients through career counseling and coaching to regaining more self-esteem, to demonstrating their strengths and talents convincingly and to presenting themselves with attractive application documents to potential employers. Thus, my private clients develop a long-term career perspective and implement the next step.

I conduct the coaching and counseling sessions in consultation with my clients in coaching rooms in Munich Schwabing and Milbertshofen or via Skype in German or English. The German state supports career development: costs for career coaching and counseling reduce the taxable income in full.


foto time"Paths are made by walking them."
Franz Kafka, German-speaking writer (1883 – 1924).

Time for change
  • ­You are dissatisfied with your current job?
  • ­You feel exhausted or you want to do something else in your life?
  • ­Or you have lost your job already and are forced to find an attractive new job as soon as possible?

Nowadays, most people at some time in their lives will find themselves in the situation where they need or would like to re-orientate their career. By changing the recruiting processes in an increasingly digital world, the classic application strategies of yesterday are no longer sufficient.

Take-off to your dream job
Together, we will develop a long-term career perspective based on your potential, your strengths and talents and shape the implementation of the next step. I am your neutral consultant, coach and mentor and provide you with new impulses. You benefit from my expert knowledge in (self-) marketing, career planning and application, you learn to position yourself optimally for your desired job and present yourself coherently with meaningful documents and in job interviews.

If a company has to quit employees I support them with professional outplacement consulting and career counseling. The affected people focus on their future faster and usually find a new, attractive job sooner. The mood among employees remaining in the company also remains good as they see that their (ex-) colleagues are not left alone in the event of separation.


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